Monday, June 27, 2011

busy busy week

my brother Tyson and his great little family came to town for a week to visit. it was fabulous to spend time with them and have my whole family together again for some much needed fun time. we started the week off by going swimming at my place. luckily it was really really hot but the pool was really really busy. lots of fun. Afterwards the fam stayed and had a BBQ and enjoyed the chaos of all of us being together.

Luke loves Owen and it's the sweetest thing to watch.

my little guys sweet swimming outfit. I had went to the pool the day before with Jill and her kiddos and I got fried. So i was soaked in sunscreen and wore my most covered swim cover up. Ouch!

Mark and Owen did some bonding.

we tried to get an updated kid picture

the next day we hit up the zoo. we some how always go to the zoo on the hottest day! great day and finished with a picnic in the park.

on Friday we packed up a lunch and went to a park for some play time and the kids could play in the splash park.

it was the perfect day to fly our kites. Grant really gets into the running to get his kite up.

Saturday everyone but us went to see Cars and that night we joined them for and adult only with the exception of two cute babies dinner. we tried a new steak house in Eagle and it was to die for! it was fun just having us adults and no kids to worry about

Sunday was my cousin Matthews mission farewell and lunch. Then we went over to my parents for a big sunday dinner and some more play time before tyson and amanda left.

The kids LOVE playing in my mom's pond and waterfall.

Owen was so worn out by the end of the day. he had one busy weekend and totally was off schedule, but it was SO much fun being all together again.

Monday, June 20, 2011

laughing baby

I have the cutest video of owen laughing his head off, but it's not loading. let me work on it and maybe it'll load later. But trust me you don't want to miss it!

can't upload it to the blog so i put it on facebook. Sorry non facebook users


I love my dad! he's is the best! he has taught me and my brothers so many lessons and how to have a good time. He's such a hard worker probably more then i'll ever know and he LOVES his family and grandbabies more then this world.

then there is my baby daddy Josh. He is beyond the best dad to Owen! it's the sweetest thing to watch him play with him and form that strong bond with his son.

Fathers day sunday wear.

out of many many tries this is the best picture i got of the three of us on Fathers day.

Owen and i got him a sweet pair of Oakley sunglasses and some new kicks!

he have early church, so no breakfast in bed. But i did make his favorite after church snack and then went to my parents and had our annual fathers day dinner with delicious cookie dough brownies made with love by me. it was a great day celebrating all the dads in our family. Unfortunately my dad at the last minute wasn't able to make it home, but we were sure thinking about him.

the Zanders

on Saturday one of Josh's good friends Austin Zander got married to the beautiful Amanda. we debated and debated whether to take Owen or not and i convinced Josh not to because what if he cried through the whole ceremony!? So we dropped off this cute baby with my mom and got all dressed up and headed out to the wedding in the rain. yes it rained to whole time and the wedding was all outside.

The boys.

it was so so cold and most of us girls didn't bring jackets cause lets face it they didn't go with our outfits. :) My friend Charla drinking her coffee to keep warm. i love this girl.

the bride and groom doing their speeches

luckily they bought covers for all the tables and for people to stand under, but it was very crowded so Josh got out our two umbrellas to share.

We had a great night with friends and missed out little Owy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 Jakobson kids

on Saturday was our niece Madelyn's first ballet recital. it was the cutest most entertaining thing ever! she was so excited to dance and be on stage. and when she spotted all of us in the front row she got exciting and had to say hi to all of us! She is the family princess and we love our Mads This is her little brother my nephew Mark. he was born exactly two weeks after Owen and he is the chunkiest little guy ever! He is so chill, mellow and happy all the time...pretty much the opposite of Owen! usually i'm all over my new little baby nephews but with me having my own kid i rarely get to spend time with Mark e mark. but i love him so much and excited for him and Owen and soon another Jakobson baby boy to be best buds.

Sunday lunch

sunday was a gorgeous day so we packed a lunch and headed to a near by park to have a family picnic. it was so nice spending the day outside with Josh and Owen. not to mention the people watching was great.

(it might seem like he gets a bottle all the time, but really he's just being topped off)

he was just chillen. Owen loves being outside.

the funny thing was that the back of my legs got really sunburned in the shape of an upside down triangle! weird.

yummy food

Owen is always hungry! i was feeding him every 2 hours and it was very restricting. I felt like i was constantly feeding him so i made the choice to push his feedings out longer and give him rice cereal one to two times a day! it's been a few days now and things are going pretty well. i would say it has been a success. i feel like i can actually leave the house now!He LOVES the cereal! i can't feed him fast enough.

He's so cute and chubby.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 months

today marks Owen's 3 month birthday! he has changed so much, from becoming now a chunk to constantly talking and blowing bubbles. he was getting distracted during pictures

i think i made him blind with the flash but i wanted to show that his eyes are for sure going blue, just like his daddy's

he's really good at tummy time

sometimes takes baths now in the big bath tub because his newborn tub is getting too small

we've kinda got him liking his bouncy chair, which is a huge milestone for him. he hates anything he has to sit in. he would rather just lay on the floor

he was blessed with the longest darkest eye lashes and i love them so much.

Monday, June 6, 2011

New yard

after a year of talking about how much we hated our landscaping in the front yard we finally went did something about it. there was three rose bushes, two extremely pokey bushes and one ugle fur tree ground cover thing. we dug them all up and planted beautiful bushes, three purple flowery bushes and one burning bush. it look ten times better then before and now it feels more like our place.





and owen did so good the whole day. he even got a little sun!