Monday, October 25, 2010

Jakobson Family

a month or so ago i took my brother and his cute family pictures. The park was so so crowded that Boe could've cared less about the camera, but i think we got some good pictures still.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby Shot

So here i am a little over half way done with the pregnancy! Crazy how time is flying by before we know it it will be March!
I feel a lot larger then i look in the pictures, but I know I will really get BIG faster soon.
Also to document for me to remember he is sitting REAL low with his head down and his legs all stretched out. At our 19 wks ultra sound he was facing my spine and wouldn't move for us to get a good shot of his face and when we left he was moving a lot. We might have a stubborn one on our hands. thanks to my great sister n law Amanda i now have some cute regular jeans to wear that actually fit me.

Las Vegas

After long months of waiting Josh and I finally went to Vegas to visit Tyson and Amanda and to just relax and have a sweet vacation before the baby comes.

We did a lot of cuddling with Lukey and Kole was over the mooAlign Centern to have us there playing with him. when we arrived he latched onto Josh which is so not normal for him to be super cuddling like that.
Cesar's palace was gorgeous and a town within the hotel!

Josh and lukey taking one of many naps.
Tyson lives really close to the Hoover Dam, so we took and tour and walked around the greatness of the Dam! this bridge was the new drive through for cars. It was HUGE!

We of course ate at in n out Burger several times. Baby craved the chocolate milkshakes! Kole isn't the biggest fan of hamburgers so we drove thru and got him chicken nuggets from wendy's.

Back in August when i just went to vegas Amanda and I hit up the amazing outlet mall by their house. So naturally we did some more shopping and our little man made out like a bandit with clothes. gotta love outlet prices on top of sales!

While done on the strip we visited a pretty awesome aquarium at Mandalay Bay! Kole was in heaven with all the sharks and fish to see and touch.

Just so happens that the same weekend we have been planning on going to visit was Tyson's White coast ceremony for being a P.A. He was pretty exciting to have family there to support him and we are so proud of all the things he as already accomplished with school.

We had a great time and really miss having Tyson and Amanda here with us all the time, but it just leaves us an excuse now to go to Vegas more often.

I almost forgot to document my first pregnancy CANKLES while in vegas. with the heat and being on my feet all day by night I had normal toes attached to tree trunks. I was happy to come home and see my ankles again!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

start of Fall

mom's birthday was on the 8th, so the next day we got together to celebrate her. Some of us went to the pumpkin patch earlier in the day. it was so much fun. They had a lot more activities then I remember them having before.
Mom, Jen and Josh were determined how to figure out this little maze where you couldn't take any left turns. it was pretty entertaining to watch them. They never did figure it out! Josh's little tag a long. Mads and Grant both really like josh, and he is always wanting to play with them.
we watched to pig races, took a tractor ride, little kids rode the cow train and at the very end we got some pumpkins.

how could I forget the HUGE bouncy thing! It was a ton of fun and a big work out for me!

Next year we'll be able to take our little guy there!

Monday, October 11, 2010

results are....

I hope he's as cute as his chubby dad was.... We're having a baby BOY!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

starting early

I love disney movies and this classic movie finally came to DVD. I bought it and thought I might as well start stocking up on the classic movies for my own kids to watch and enjoy, just like I did growing up.