Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mmm yummy

If you want a free Quiznos sandwich go to this website http://www.millionsubs.com/Reg.php?x=1 and fill out the thing and bam free sandwich. I did it once for me and then for Josh. I believe we'll be eating Quiznos for lunch tomorrow! yay for free food.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ski weekend

The Jakobson clan came up to our place for a ski weekend. We went to Big Sky and Bridger bowl both were so incredible and amazing skiing. Everyone skied except Madelyn. Grant went down and few times and for the first time Kole went down. He really enjoyed it and Grant kept telling Kole that he would show him how to ski.

Big sky is the huge snow covered mountain behind us!
It was also valentines weekend. On Saturday the whole family went out to eat and had such a fun time.
We ate too much and played to hard and we are sad that the weekend is over and everyone left us.

I made special sugar cookies for my special sugar that I love so much!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A night out

We finally got out of the house for a night and went to a MSU basketball game. It was a pretty big game, they were playing their rivals. It looks like we were really high up, but we had really good seats. We sat right next to this really big guy that was cheering for the other team in out section, it made the game a little more fun. We went everywhere to find t-shirts, that weren't expensive, for not only tonight, but to have as a souvenir of Montana for when ever we move out of here!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthday Boys

I'm a little late for this post, but....

Happy Birthday Tyson he turned to the big 2-8 on Sunday!!
Happy Birthday Brent, he turned the big 2-5 on January 20th!!
I have the best brothers ever and I have always and still am so proud of things that have accomplished and are doing with there lives. They both married their better halves and I couldn't have asked for better sisters!! Happy birthday boys!!

Weekend home

We were able to go home this weekend because Josh had a meeting. Good timing, it was not only the super bowl but Tyson's 28th birthday! We also got to meet up with a night filled with just friends, which was so nice to be back in our old life for a night! Tyson and Amanda had already planned to go out of town for a night so Josh and I got to watch Kole all weekend. It was nice to spend time with that little guy and reassure myself that he does still remember me and it made me feel good when he would reach for me and smile cheesy for us. obviously he loved Josh and of out nephews and niece love him!

I couldn't believe how much Madelyn ( Grant and Kole too) had changed since December. She is getting more hair and it's a little long, she stands and tries to walk. She is the CUTEST girl ever!!
He loved to sit and rocky with Josh and play with his phone.
He watched Josh all morning getting ready and was pretty entertained by him.

Kole bear and I waiting for Josh to get ready so we could head to the mall. Which I was very excited to go to.

Obviously I met up with Jill and was able to go to lunch and spend a few hours with her. Much needed by me!! I cried a little when I saw how great she looks and how much the baby has grown since mid December. She is now 24 weeks and excited to get the baby stuff going.

it's nice to have a best friend that when you don't see each other for awhile and you meet up and it's like time has never past!!