Monday, July 16, 2012

 this is how we are spending our summer!
and loving it!


quick trips

Owen and I just did two quick trips back to back and i am exhausted!

first was a camping trip at Red Fish. it  has been a few years since i am been there and let my say just how gorgeous that place is. I love to camp and it did not disappoint.
the day after we got there we went on a hike to 4th of july falls. Josh wasn't able to come camping so i was on my own. so on the hike i had to carry Owen the 1.5 mile in and out in the back pack!it was quite the hikea and he is heavy and my shoulders were super sore the next day, but i didn't complain.....till now!
 Grant had a little backpack with his fishing pole sticking out of the back. he is so cute! and then me and my big boy ready to hike!
 the mesquitos were not super bad at camp but on the hike they were HORRIBLE! maddy got a huge bite right on her cheek!
 it was a pretty hike
 Mark was strapped in so well he couldn't move his head from this position! kinda funny
 at the end of the hike was the lake. Grant caught his first fish and was so excited about it.

Trip #2
so i got home Friday night and Saturday morning we left for Redmond, Oregon! Josh has a good friend who was getting married and we had planned this trip for awhile. it was a nice get away to the beautiful oregon country. OWen did pretty good in the car considering all the traveling he had done days before.

we ran out of diapers in the diaper bag and Owen had a stinking issue! i felt bad so we changed his and i made a "diaper" out of my diaper holder. he thought is his funny and i was praying he didn't pee!
 the wedding was gorgeous! it was at his family ranch which is breathe taking! seriously is didn't want to leave. they had a very country themed wedding but it was done with such elegance and chic!

 how handsome are my boys!?
now i am exhausted from driving a ton and not sleeping in my bed!

4th of July

this was our outfits for church the sunday before the 4th. i love dressing up for holidays!
 we did was we always have done on the 4th of July.....boating! i can't remember a 4th when we didn't go boating. it's such a fun time! this year we were missing some family members and so it was just us, cory and his family and then my parents. it was nice that we were all able to be in the boat at once and enjoy each other more.
 owen loved the boat a lot better this year. he insisted on driving all the time. him and marky love their Grandpa!
 grant and mads. Mads was able to wakeboard for the first time this summer, with cory's help. Grant wakeboarded all by himself and did awesome!
 afterwards we headed to Cory's house for dinner and fireworks with their neighbors
 we got a lot of sun!
 jenny and I made tye dye shirts for the kids. I loved them! I did take like a ton of pictures of these three but it was so hard to get one where they all looked good
 grant and Owen on the wagon parade
 love him!
 Josh's legs and feet got FRIED! i mean he was bright red. poor guy.
we were able to put owen to sleep and enjoy and nice firework show that night.

father's day

We spent Father's day moving! my Bro Brent and his little family moved to Utah. He was able to find a great job down there. So we were nice enough to help them move. it was a very quick trip and a very hot trip.

 to make my man feel special I made him and everyone else yummy cinnamon waffles! so good but the first batch was the only one that turned out perfect.
 Owen and i made him a super cute card and got him an awesome new shower head!
i could not have asked for a better father for our son! We love you so much Joshy!