Monday, April 29, 2013

double take

 just a comparison with pregnancy #1 and #2

Full term

 Folk I am full term! 37 weeks. I love being pregnant but i have hit the point now where everything is just that much tougher to do. Sleeping doesn't happen anymore due to my sore hips. My weight gain is still right on track and much happier with it then when i was pregnant with Owen. No swelling, unless I'm on my feet a lot. my clothes are all becoming too small. We still don't have a name for her. We are all ready for her to come, it's just the patiently waiting game now.

baseball season

Grant and Kole have started baseball and we have been able to go and watch a few of their games so far. We love baseball season and enjoy going to the games. Josh starts softball in a week or two, which is always fun too.

at this particular t-ball game the sprinkler popped up and was spraying Owen and i smack in the face. We got really wet and ending up leaving early.

Girl shower

my sweet sister n laws gave me and baby girl a shower a couple of weeks ago. Nothing big, but all my good friends came and we were still so spoiled with gifts. I have more pictures they are just on another camera.

35wks 6days

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

according to my phone

i always have my phone with me and it's just easy to snap a picture with it then get my real camera out.

We have 1:00 church! worst time EVER! owen is usually really really grumping. this one sunday he had fallen asleep on the 5 minute drive to church. he slept on the car for most of sacrament.

 Owen and Carter at Carter's birthday party
 we took my mom to the airport when she left for AFRICA for 12 days!
 We love his big boy bed and sleeps really well in it. has only fallen out maybe twice.
 family night at DQ
 He LOVES to wear sunglasses
 my big project for Owen's room. it hangs on the wall above his bed.
 sneak peek at the cute lamp i got for Baby girl's room!


the weather has been so nice here like in the low 70s and sunny. So we have been taking major advantage of it and always being outside!
 mk nature center is a perfect spot for Owen. gets to see ducks and fishies and then a huge park to play at afterwards.

8 months

Owen KILLS me in this picture!!
 t-minus 8 weeks until my due date! YIKES, this baby will be here before I am ready for her. I feel great but i have hit a slight wall and getting around is getting a little harder. I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant and feeling BIG! and she will only keep getting bigger. still measuring 2 weeks bigger, weight still great and on my track. i have made a big list of things i really need to start getting ready for this baby. don't even ask me about a name.... hardest thing to pick ever!  i have narrowed it done to 7 names though.
sleeping is fine, but my hips are starting to hurt. Her movements are really big and uncomfortable. not to mention i have been having braxton hicks contractions which are so annoying and uncomfortable to deal with.

easter 2013

on Saturday we were at my parent's house for a little easter party. I let Owen color eggs which was a huge mess and way out of control but he really loved it.

 a little egg hunt outside. He and Mark really only cared for two eggs, one per hand!

 Easter morning the Bunny left some eggs for him to find and a basket FULL of goodies! He was most excited about his bubbles for the bath.
after we went to church we headed to Willden's for a yummy Easter dinner. We had a great Easter weekend.

Easter sunday

We got dressed in our best spring outfits for Easter Sunday. I can't get over how darn handsome my little man looks.

 my boys