Saturday, April 24, 2010

professional cart driver

Today is my father n laws birthday. We all went golfing, well Josh, Tyson, Lance and Dana golfed I follow all 18 holes in a cart. That's my kind of golfing driving around trying to catch a tan.

To top off the golfing trip Josh hit his ball around a corner and we lost track of where it went. once we got around the corner we saw that it went through and shattered a car's back window! the guy was really nice about it and hopefully we don't have to pay too much for it. Safe to say he didn't hit very well after that.

Spring Season

Our lives right now are revolving around work( my job is literally driving me CRAZY and a whole other topic i don't want to get into), finding and losing houses, softball, t-ball and watching our niece and nephews.

Grant started t-ball and it's the most entertaining thing to watch. his first game he hit the ball ran to first, stopped for a sec and then took off running straight past first and on into the distance. it was so funny, Jenny and I were laughing so hard. ( he's the onein the middle about ready to throw the ball)
Baby Boe! I've been lucky enough to watch him two Wednesdays in a row. He's just a fun kid. He LOVES his baths and he looks like the gordo baby in this picture. He kinda is though :)
Josh practicing his softball swing

I get my few hits in as well.
This is our us right now, boring, frustrated and happy together.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

our luck

House hunting has been the pits for Josh and I
WE have been looking and putting in OFFERS since November
our luck is that every time we find a house it either
has multiple offers already, a short sale(which are the worst) OR already in the process of being bought by someone else.
Yes there are a lot of homes for sale right now, and I think we've seen almost ALL of them.
we are frustrated, but happy that Josh's new job has allowed our budget to increase on a house. Huge Blessing
Maybe one day we'll eventually move out of mom and dad's.
Keep your fingers cross we get lucky with a house!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter fun

(pictures out of order)
This year the Jakobson family celebrated Easter together. It was really nice having everyone here, I love spending time with my family. East weekend started off with Grant and Mady stayed over Friday and on Saturday we ran to some places and took them to see the chicks and bunnies at DMB. They LOVED it! All the bunnies were sold but they still had a ton of baby chicks for them to hold and see. Before our HUGE Easter feast on Sunday we hid the real eggs and some plastic ones filled with candy and the kiddos had a blast finding them in the yard.
The egg says "Josh Willden Hilary". Josh's crafty work.

On Friday night Brent, Elena and baby Boe came over and colored eggs with us. We hadn't colored eggs in years so it was fun to get creative again and enjoyed watching what the kids colored.

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a great weekend and most importantly we all remembered our savior and his sacrifice for us.