Monday, June 29, 2009

Willdefield roadtrip

Josh and I went for a long weekend with our good friend Boe and Charla to his dad's house in Sacramento. It was a much needed and relaxing weekend. We never had anything planned just hang out and chill. Boe's dad has a fabulous house and there was never a reason to leave. He had a great pool and a half court basketball and tennis court. Did i mention it was so stinking hot! We did go out at night for dinner and movies, but it was just nice to spend all day playing in his backyard.

The boys were trying to perfect diving together......they eventually got it down, but I didn't have enough space for all the pictures of them flipping.

I took so many pictures and really had an awesome weekend with our best friends. I didn't want to leave our own private resort but we all had to go to work early Monday morning.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick Update

-Here is what is happening or has happened lately
-We have been living with my parents now for 3 months
-Happy birthday to my mommy-n-law Janie( it was June 10)
-Happy birthday today to my bro-n-law Tyson( woot woot)
-Happy Fathers Day to my awesome Daddio and my father-n-law
-We are going on a much needed vacation to Sac- town with our friends
-Josh is still job hunting, we've had some good prospects though

Sunday, June 14, 2009


our incredible friend Austin Zander did his first Ironman race. that is a swim, bike and run race. And it was POURING rain in Boise on Saturday. We stood out there for 4 hours in the rain cheering him on.
It took for ever to find a parking spot and i got a little ADD and took a lot of random pictures of us. :)
I made an awesome sign to encourage him to keep going.
this is the finish of the bike race part and there were a little over a thousand bikes for at least 2 blocks.

our great friends Boe and charla came out to show their support for our friend

He finished the race in 6 hrs and 40 mins!! I heard someone say the first person to finish, finished in almost 4 hours!! that is nuts. I couldn't believe all the different people who were doing this race. I don't think I could do something like this. We did see a girl wreck on her bike and get a major road rash.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

just our luck

Last thursday we were driving home from Boise and blew our tire on the interstate! Almost one week later we got a flat driving to boise. Same car but different tire. Really twice in one week! To add to our luck, my brother's wife got a flat last night and my parents car had a flat tire on Friday!

At least by now I know how to change a tire :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am obsessed with this show! I can watch it all day everyday no matter it being their very first episode of their new one. Speaking of new episode, I was so anxious to watch it due to the huge ridiculous drama going on.....and let me tell you it was intense! Kate drove me nuts with her pity party ( which I didn't fall for) and they could've be a little more friendly towards each other, but hey it probably brought in huge ratings. So this past Monday it was a little better and Kate wasn't such a cry baby and the show wasn't as tense to watch.

Kate drives me crazy! She is way too involved with herself at the moment and needs to chill out and stop with all the media attention she has brought towards her family to only make more money.

And I don't think Jon cheated, he just wants to be himself and able to go out and be a normal human being. Just wrong place at the wrong time and only he and Kate know the truth.

Yes I will still stay obsessed with the show and on Monday nights schedule my night around the show ( crazy I know, josh tells me daily).