Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my girls

these are two of my bestest friends. it great to have such awesome friends we can always be ourselves around each other!

Jill, Me, Tricia

Monday, February 13, 2012

11 months

owen's 10th month of life flew by and he is now a little over 11 months! he is going from a baby to really started to change into an older kid. he walks like a pro, talks or should i say yells all the time, he is busy busy busy and such a joy to be around. i really am enjoying my sweet boy now. he always makes me laugh and smile. he is very entertaining not only for us but for people around us. he isn't a real shy kid, he likes to play with others.

still eats great

sleeps great

growing like a weed

he basically loves to do anything now.

he is such a joy in our life

and i can't believe next time i post about him it will be his FIRST birthday!

meat factory?

the Jakobson family went all out this winter and we bought a cow and now have a ton of meat from that and we also purchased A LOT of chicken breasts! the meat was easy because the butcher took care of that, but the chick was a different story.

i first went and picked up our chicken breast from the very convenient semi truck! Jenny did her chicken at her house and the rest of us gathered at our house to cut, trim and package all the chicken.

we had a good system going with my mom and I cutting and trimming the chicken while Brent and Josh packaged them

oh and the chicken breast we got were all ridiculously HUGE! none of us have ever seen chicken breast this big before. we ended up getting like 40 breast each. totally worth the effort to save some money.

sweet moments

owen LOVES to read his books. he will find a book and bring it to you for you to read to him. he will almost melt into my arms and sit quietly and listen. but he usually needs the same book read several times before he wants a new one.

pure joy

i've said it before and i'll say it again, this kid loves his bath time. don't you just want to pinch that cute lil bum!

winter wonderland

back in January we had our first and only snow fall. it was beautiful and snowing for most of the day. But sadly by late afternoon it started to turn to rain and slowly melt away. Owen really loved to stand at the back door and just stare in wonder at the snow falling. it was so precious to watch him.

maybe next winter we will have a real winter of lots of snow and playing outside.

child proof?

it's so hard to owen proof our house. his little mind is always going and figuring out how to do whatever he wants to do.he loves to get into the kitchen cupboards. especially the one with lots of my baking goods and the syrup bottle.

i've had to find new homes for the glass and paper items.

he keeps us on our toes!

Busy, busy, busy!!

big boy

owen was 9 months and 4 weeks old when he official started;

to climb got his two bottom teeth. a awful experience for all of us!

and walked! it didn't take him long to figure out how to walk. now he is trying to run around. there is no slowing this boy down.

(picture taken the day he really was walking, end of Dec. first of Jan)