Monday, December 30, 2013

a TON of new post, make sure you read them all. i still have a lot to post about the month of December but that will have to wait for another night.

my days...

are spent with these two kids and trying to still be a good housekeeper and wife. busy busy but i love every minute of it.

that one time......

i made delicious cupcakes for thanksgiving and i put them on top of the car while we loading everything and one in and then proceeded to drive away while they slide off the roof and smashed all ove the road! not cool!

Christmas sunday

 we got all dressed up in our sunday best for church the sunday before christmas.

 i seriously have the cutest kids ever! love them

Christmas tree 2013


 We went down the saturday before christmas and visited Santa at his house at the Village. I knew the wait was going to be long and cold, but owen was so excited to  finally sit and see him.
 the fountain played to the christmas music
 owen loved santa but got really shy. hailey actually was really excited to see santa but i wasn't able to capture it on my camera.

7 months

 hailey is 7 months old! not much has change from last month besides she can go from "crawling" or laying to sitting herself up. i did catch he today trying to pull herself up!
 She has found the toy corner and makes her way over there every chance she gets.


 We had our first big snowfall at the beginning of the month and you bet we went sledding!

 he woke up to a winter wonderland and loved looking out at it.
 last year he hated sledding and cried the whole way down and tin tiny hill. this year he was all about it and loved going down a really big hill without josh. he was so fun to watch him laugh and have fun with some of his cousins.


 in the mist of our busy december I had a birthday! i was so excited to have a few hours with just josh and i watching a movie together in peace and quiet. it was the best. we stopped and got a pita to share and then went and watched Catching Fire. it was a great night!

christmas activites

 We did so much in the month of december! We went and saw a lot of christmas lights at some of our favorite houses and met up with friends at the botanical gardens to see the lights.

the village

 at the garden, owen loved the big mini train

 this kid loves crafts, so his craft was a handprint christmas tree.
 made a late night stop at the lights in caldwell. they were really good this year

 at the music christmas house. the lights play to christams songs. it's the best!
Safe to say that owen loved all the lights and festivites that he is asking when we are going to do it again.


 We had a very impromtu photoshoot on thanksgiving morning, which just so happened to be the perfect picture for our christmas card.
 the super cute seat cards my mom made
 Jenny set up a "turkey hunt" outside with paper turkeys the kids colored and the guns
 the kids place cards my mom made
 not only was it Thanksgiving my it was also Jenny's big birthday!
 Amanda had a crafdt for the kids to do

 lots of playing outside for the kids
 Grant ate the huge turkey leg and was pretty proud of himself for finishing it
thanksgiving was so fun this year, we were missing Brent and his family.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

brag post

This is the day I have birth to miss hailey. I felt pretty good about my weight gain with this pregnancy and was confident about loosing all the weight afterwards. I gained half of the weight I did with owen's pregnancy. So this time was a healthy weight gain. I gave myself 6 weeks and then I started my diet and running. I was also breast feeding but that doesn't really help me drop the pounds. I was thrilled when the last 17 pounds came by the time she was 3.5 months old! It was hard work and dedication but I am a much happier me and momma when I am comfortable with my body.


Now my body is totally different after having two kids but I am perfectly ok with that.

Miss hailey and I in August the day I lost my last pound!