Tuesday, July 30, 2013

father's day 2013

Josh is the best dad! he is great with the kids and great with treating my like a queen. I love him and grateful i married such an amazing man.
we went to church, hung out and opened gifts and then headed to my dad's for desert.


 we were going to try to get a little cousins group picture while in california but it just didn't work out. But i was still determined to get my kids on the beach. safe to say that it did not go well and these two are the only good pictures from the morning.

california part 3

we always visit my other grandparent's site and bring flowers. not sure when we will be back so i wanted a picture to remember the day.

the rest of our stay in california was at Avila beach. we rented a beach house and had a great time relaxing and having so much fun.

these two boys crack us up. two peas in a pod

the kids and big kids enjoyed boogie boarding for the first time

this is our of order but our little miss hailey is named after my most wonderful grandma norma! she was a great lady and i hope our girl is just like her.

we had such a great time at the beach and the weather was perfect. it was sad though to leave because as long as i could remember we always went to california and to avila beach and now we aren't sure when we will be back. great memories.

california part 2

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my aunt, great aunt, great uncle, dad, great aunt and great uncle in law

all the first and second cousins on my dad's side

we held a beautiful lunch in honor of my grandma Mary. my mom did an amazing job on the food and Jenny/Amanda did an amazing job on the pictures and decor. a ton of family members who i have never even met came to show their support to the family. it was like a mini family reunion. It was a great way to remember my beautiful grandma.

california part 1

In may my wonderful grandma past away and a few weeks later we made the long ride down to celebrate her life and put her and my grandpa lay to rest.
i was a bit nervous with the long car ride with two kids and one that needs to eat every two hours. But both kids did SO good. We did break it up into two days which i think helped us all.
Miss Hailey at her fair share of big blow outs in her carseat and having to eat every two house we did stop a lot. By the end i would just pull her out and nurse in the car. Shhh don't tell anyone.
oh and our car was PACKED full! i'm not even sure how we fit a weeks worth of stuff in there.

Monday, July 22, 2013

2 months

 the top picture was taking at her checkup when she was 7 weeks the other two are when she was 8 weeks.

our little princess turned 2 months old on the 13th of july

at her 7 week checkup she weighed 10.4lbs and 23 inchs.

the last few weeks she went from sleeping horribe to sleeping 10:30/11pm till 7/7:30 am
gets up eats and back down for another hour or so. love it!

still nursing but having to supplement with formula some of the time.

she is such a good baby and hardly ever cries unless she's tired, hungry or needs a diaper change.

loves her binky

still has dark hair and probably will stay dark and her eyes are looking blue, but you never know.

pool time

i love having a pool and that we can go everyday. owen is able to get out and have fun and i am able to get a little break.

we spend a lot of our days and sometimes night at the pool. love the summer time.

4th of july

What a great 4th of july celebration we had this year. We took the boat out to the lake for a few hours and we all skied instead of wakeboarding. Josh and Amanda were able to get up on one ski for the first time!

 Hailey was pampered being under the umbrella on the boat.

 after the lake and a nap for all we met up at tyson and Amanda's for a bbq and fun games. all the kiddos got 4th of july tattoos.

 madelyn and Kole
then if was time for fireworks which we had a lot of. the kids really enjoyed them and so did us bigger kids.