Saturday, May 21, 2016

months one and two Bennett

first bath at home

 two weeks old

 first smile

 4 weeks old
10.5 pounds
maybe blue eyes or green
he is the gas/poop king
wakes two times at night to eat
sleeps a lot
nursing like a champ
He cried a lot the first 6 was which made him real gassy and then repeat

Wore me own clothes for maybe 2 wks and then got too big for them

 two months
 13.5 pounds
at size 2 daipers
3-6 month clothes but getting kinda tight
wakes once early morning to feed then back down  till 8
takes a binky
has the best smile
loves baths
still nursing only
chubby chubby
still dark dark fuzzy hair
Doesn't cry as much anymore

Sleeps from 9:30/10pm-4:30/6am eats and back down till 8 ish
At two months he is wearing 3-6 months clothes, he's big and solid like Owen was.
He has the best biggest smile
He is talking a bit and it's so sweet
Has laughed a few times

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