Saturday, May 21, 2016

baby #3

Bennett Jakob Willden was born march 1, 2016 at 4:40 am. we were awaiting his birth for almost a week by now, i was dialated far and my water was just bulging. so we all thought the little man was coming soon, but he didn't. as he came down lower into the canal he had moved the bag of water over. little stinker. on the night of feb 29 At 10:00pm my water partially broke. we got to thse hospital and at midnight they admitted me, i wasn't really contracting but we were going to go ahead with an induction that night. at 1:20am they fully broke my water and  within 5 minutes i was in so much pain from the contractions and 15 mins after that i got  my epidural and all was good again.
he was born 3 hours later, he came fast and was a little swollen from the ride out but he came out screaming and a lot bigger then we all thought. his birth was my quickest and pretty easy with a few kinks. every birth is different for sure.
 his length and weight was the exact same as his big brother.

 he came out with a ton of dark dark hair and eye brows, just like his sister

he ate all the time but like all newborns he lost weight and at his 3 day check up he  was low 7 pounds and then five days later  at  his next check up he was 8.1! he gained 11 oz in 5 days! and he has been packing on the chubbiness ever since. the kids LOVE him and  always want to be with him. he looks more like my family's side but we are hoping he has his daddy's blue eyes!

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